How to Actually Make Money Using the Acorns Investing App

Tossing spare change into a piggy bank is an excellent way to reach your financial goals — if you’re saving up for a Lego set. But learning how to invest money by putting it somewhere it may actually grow can build wealth for the future. You might assume you need a huge wad of cash to start investing, but fintech (financial technology) companies […]

6 Simple Steps To Manage Your Money Like A Millionaire

Even if you don’t have the money to live lavishly, you can still manage it the way the wealthy do. No, we’re not going to tell you how to pick out the perfect yacht, or which polo ponies to buy, or what brand of caviar. Instead, we’re talking about simple money moves that any normal, non-millionaire person can make today.  Here […]

15 Frugal Life Tips To Save A Ton Of Money

Is your budget tight? Are you finding it difficult to save money to make a living? Changing your ways and consuming and buying only what’s most important for survival can dramatically change your lifestyle. Eventually, you will learn not to sacrifice more and start living frugally. It is more important to decide where and when to spend your money. Being […]

Things You Need to Know about the 50/30/20 Budget

When it comes to budgeting, there’s no one size fits all solution.  Personal finance is personal after all; we all have different incomes, desires, attitudes, and approaches to how we handle our finances and pursue our financial goals. If you’re the kind of person who prefers a relaxed, somewhat hands-off approach to budgeting, the 50/30/20 budget rule may be a […]

6 Ways a Budget Spreadsheet Can Help Transform Your Finances

Today’s spreadsheet is much more powerful than the first spreadsheet developed by Dan Bricklin with others in 1979. Most businesses, banks, and governments use spreadsheets for their financial work, such as creating a monthly budget spreadsheet and tracking expenses. In addition to businesses, banks, and government, a budget spreadsheet provides you, an individual user, 100% control over budgeting. Moreover, it […]

How to Make Money on TikTok

TikTok App is one of the most popular ways to create and share short videos on social media. With no option to share text posts, images, or any of the other things you also get with other platforms, TikTok relies totally on the users’ ability to create entertaining videos to engage with their fans. Many of TikTok’s more popular users […]

An Easy Guide to Early Retirement

It might can be the most common cubicle daydream: basically early retirement, and the freedom — financial and otherwise — that comes with it. But some workers are also making it a reality by joining the FIRE movement, which stands for “financially independent, retire early.” FIRE has essentially redefined early retirement, mainly making it mainly less about leaving work and […]