Ways to Curb Overspending Habits

Ways to Curb Overspending Have you ever started off the month with the best of intentions to save money – buying only what you need, steering clear of the sales displays, and trying to watch your spending? And then, despite your best efforts, it just seems to happen. Before you know it, you’ve spent more money than you wanted to. Don’t beat yourself up, […]

What to Buy (and not to buy) at Your Local Dollar Store

Dollar stores lure us in with rock-bottom prices. Sometimes you get what you pay for, but often the things they sell are good products at a tremendous discount — a real bargain. We’ll talk about what to buy (and not to buy) at your local dollar store just so you’re in the know. Many products aren’t necessarily higher quality just because […]

The Best Budgeting Apps of 2020 to Download

Whether you earn a lot or just get by, watching where your money goes is important. There are lots of ways to watch your spending, investments, and more. But since you probably have a cell phone in your pocket all the time, apps are a great option. We’ll list the best budgeting apps of 2020 to download as you go down […]

5 Easy Ways to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

5 Easy Ways to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck Do you countdown to payday? You’re not alone. More than three-quarters of workers are living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet. Paycheck to paycheck living can wear you down financially and emotionally. But, while living paycheck to paycheck may be “normal”, it’s sure not a good feeling or a good […]

How Much Money Should You Save Every Month?

How much money should you save each month? The simple answer is, as much as you can. Everyone makes a different amount each month. Everyone also has different monthly financial obligations. It is always important to realize that one- dollar amount is not going to work for everyone. However, there are some basic saving tips you can follow when determining […]