How To Make Money On YouTube Without Showing Your Face

How To Make Money On YouTube Without Showing Your Face

Making money on YouTube without showing your face is definitely possible in 2021. If you’ve been waiting to start a YouTube channel because you were worried you have to be an on-camera personality then this video is for you! Here is how to make money on YouTube without showing your face.

These video ideas that don’t show your face are great options for those wanting to start on YouTube without showing their face or being public on the platform. Some of these video ideas don’t even require your voice if you prefer to create content completely detached from yourself.

Cooking Videos Without Displaying your Face

Do you love cooking? Then you can launch a YouTube cooking channel that you don’t have to show your face.

Show the cooking ingredients and project the camera to the oven or cooker and show your viewers string and mixing things. With only your hand, you can make breathtaking cooking videos without displaying your face.

People are always on the lookout for tasty new recipes and cooking guides.  And as the focus is on the food, you can film from overhead only showing your hands. 

It doesn’t have to be gourmet cuisine; you could create a channel based on quick meals to build muscle or easy breakfasts to make before work.

Compilation Videos

This is simply when you use video footage that is already available and you mesh them all together so that you have a unique compelling video. This method is proven to work quite well.


Turn a camera on, point it at a piece of fruit, and let it rot.  Whoever came up with this concept must have got a few blank stares when pitching the idea to a friend. 

But this is precisely what Temponaut Timelapse did when they started their channel 11 years ago.  To be fair to them, it’s not all rotting fruit; there are also time-lapses of clouds, flowers, and cityscapes.  

But, the concept has proved to be popular, and the channel has grown to 1.2 million subscribers.  You can even shoot your first videos on a smartphone or GoPro.  Here is one of their earliest videos of rotting Strawberries.

Whiteboard Animations

You can create amazing whiteboard animation videos with software like VideoScribe or Doodly and can get started after watching some tutorials online.

Whiteboard animations are also a great way to create marketing videos for your business and also educational content. If you are good at creating animation videos, you can do it yourself or hire someone from Fiverr or Freelancer to do the job for you.

Gaming Channel Or Create Videos With Game-play videos

Gaming is one of the most successful niches on YouTube.

Many successful YouTubers first started with game streaming and gameplay videos. Pewdipie first started as a gamer and is the individual YouTuber with the most number of subscribers.

If you don’t want to start a gaming channel, then you can use your gameplay videos to make voiceover videos on other niches.

You can create roast videos or YouTube news or updates channels using your gameplay videos. Just show your gameplay records on the screen and use a narration on the behind about your niche. This is a great way to engage your audience.

In case you don’t play games and want to use gameplay videos, you can get free-to-use game play videos from YouTube for free.

Upload Copyright Free Music

Developing and maintaining a successful music channel on YouTube is no easy feat. It will require lots of thought, tact, and a keen sense for an audience’s desires. 

Choose the music style you want to upload. This is important! You can choose multiple genres, like uploading EDM genres or electronic music, uploading all types of rock music, and so on. You can also stick to one genre (like dubstep), or choose the mood of your songs, like uploading relaxing or uplifting music only. You can also upload free songs, film songs, meditation music, and many others. The main thing you need to look out for is if there is a copyright!

If YouTube finds that the song you are uploading is copyrighted – you, unfortunately, will not be able to monetize it. The channel below provides copyright-free music for you to utilize in vlogs. Take notes:

How Much Can You Make on YouTube?

YouTubers make passive income through ad monetization, selling sponsored placement in the videos, and using affiliate links.

On your YouTube channel, you can generate income from adverts on a CPC, CPV, and CPM basis.

If you’re earning through CPM (cost per impression), you can make an average of $3 to $25 for 1000 views depending on your channel niche.