Unique Ways to Make Money on YouTube in 2021

Unique Ways to Make Money on YouTube in 2021

How much time do you spend watching YouTube every day? Wouldn’t it be great if you could be a creator, making money from uploading videos to the platform?

With nearly two billion users monthly, YouTube is increasingly becoming a viable option for many looking to make money online by uploading video content in the hopes of acquiring a healthy following. That said, many aspiring YouTuber approach their YouTube dreams with an unrealistic perspective. Their thought process runs something along the lines of all I have to do is post a video, attract an audience, and then voila, advertisers will be clamoring to pay me for exposure to my subscribers. This post offers practical tips on how to make money on YouTube.

Ditch Your Day Job for YouTube

Can you imagine creating content and uploading videos to YouTube for a living? There are millions of creators receiving checks from YouTube every month for advertising revenue. You can get a piece of that pie if you want it badly enough.

Before you march into your boss’s office and announce that you’re resigning to start a YouTube channel, it might be a wise idea to research more about the requirements and benefits of being a full-time YouTube creator.

Sure, it’s possible to make an outstanding living by being a content creator, but it takes time to build an audience and get a healthy viewership on every video you upload. Some YouTubers struggle for years before they experience an inflection point where users start to subscribe en-masse.

How Do You Make Money on YouTube?

Selling Products Through Videos

Money can be earned by selling your own products by placing these in a video you share. Just make sure that you don’t spam your products on the video – use some “tact”.  Advertisement of the product can be done by just mentioning it in a video or even describing it if required in order to let the viewers know what the product is all about. It can either be at the start, in the middle, or at the end of a video. This is generally called an “in video advertisement”.

Making Money with Youtube Video Tutorials

Offering video tutorials through branded YouTube channels has become a very effective way to earn money. Tutorial videos usually contain the methodology about how something is done. Interested people take guidance from them in the practical walks of life and if a tutorial gives good guidance to people, it might be viewed by a huge number of users on YouTube who enhance your viewership and you start generating money as a result. People find that the most popular types of video tutorials are made by video producers targeting tutorials for new technologies, or “quick fix” tutorials.

Becoming a YouTube Partner

YouTube Partners are the members who have monetized their videos to a huge amount of viewers around the globe. Partners gain access to other options as well and their channels are even featured on the YouTube homepage making it very easy for the viewers to access the uploaded videos. To become a Partner, a certain amount of views are required to be accepted into the program. Once accepted, you can earn money through YouTube through a series of programs such as YouTube Space access and development programs.

Placing Links in Video Description

While uploading a video on YouTube, a description of the video is given. Any sort of detail can be given in this portion. A link can be added in a description of a video in order to make people visit the website of whose link is mentioned in the description. Often times, video producers “sell” or “rent” links in this section of their videos. Similar to “product placement” but giving you the ability to modify the product by changing the links. While we wouldn’t resort to this type of tactic, it is definitely something that is generating revenue for a growing number of YouTubers.

ProTip: Aggressively engage social media to promote your YouTube channel. Through social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, you can let people in your circle know about your videos. This will not only target your family and friends but also people in your friends’ circles. Let them promote you too.

Look for Inspiration

As you go along, it may be more challenging to come up with fresh, new content that will match the hype of your first few videos. But don’t worry—even established YouTube artists go through the same thing every once in a while. The secret is to look for inspiration everywhere—even when you’re out and taking a break from recording. List down your ideas. Check out other videos and build upon their ideas to make them your own.

Avoid comparing yourself to others and focus on your own channel. As long as you like and enjoy the concepts you come up with, your viewers will sense your sincerity and love for your craft, and this will help pique their interest. While you’re at it, take every opportunity to improve and evolve in other areas. Explore other camera filming techniques, editing styles, and approaches to your presentation.

Post regularly and with consistency

Your channel, to be successful, needs an audience. It’s okay if you manage to convince people to subscribe to your channel, but at the same time, it would be better if they come to you regularly.

To keep them engaged, you will have to post consistently and add valuable content daily. Ok, maybe you cannot publish every single day of your life, and that’s ok.  

The audience can adapt to your style and your schedule. However, it’s better to be consistent because every time you add a new video, your subscribers get notified about it. The more frequently they get notified, the more regularly they will remember about your channel. 

In this case, a great example is one of the most popular YouTubers from the last few years: PewDiePie. He has more than 60 million subscribers as of January 2018. Besides the quality of his content, however, there is yet another thing that makes him successful.

He manages to posts videos every day, sometimes even twice a day.